Performance Approaches to Shakespeare

Performance Approaches to Shakespeare

A Handbook for Middle and High School Teachers and Directors

Performance Approaches to Shakespeare is an 8.5×11″, 364-page spiral bound volume that walks teachers or directors step-by-step through the process of discovering Shakespeare’s textual performance clues. It will be a tremendous addition to any English or drama educator’s library. Use the chapter information for creating lesson plans. Access the many tables of textual references and the 101 topic-specific activities for teaching and/or directing the plays in any curriculum. It is also recommended for use as a textbook in secondary or college-level courses on Shakespeare in performance.

Helpful Tools Included in “Performance Approaches to Shakespeare”

  • A chapter by chapter process including a brief study of Shakespeare’s theatre, an exploration of the language tools used to communicate performance cues, and an extensive collection of resources for teachers and directors to demonstrate and teach these methods.
  • Examples from the Text – tables of textual references for use with any of the items in the “Let’s Play” sections
  • Let’s Play! – 101 exercises and activities for use in the classroom or rehearsal space coinciding with the topics covered in each chapter
  • And much, much MORE!

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Did You Know?

  • Shakespeare’s plays were written to be seen and heard (performed), not read like a book.
  • The majority of the words Shakespeare used in his writing are the same as we use today.
  • There are clues Shakespeare wrote into his text telling his actors how to perform it.
  • You CAN teach or direct Shakespeare!

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~ Endorsements ~

“Magnificent work! After having spent over thirty years reading every book I could find on acting and staging Shakespeare, I find that knowledge collected here in a wonderfully approachable, teachable, and a very much ‘doable’ format. Bravo! You take such wonderful care in easing the fear out of your reader. It was like catching up with an old friend who has lots of new stories! It will be my #1 recommendation to teachers.”

David Daniel, Core Company member
Director of Education at American Players Theatre

“Drawing on tried and tested strategies from the author’s own extensive experience, teachers and directors will find this book an invaluable guide to introducing Shakespeare to young people. It offers practical ideas for the classroom or rehearsal space to suit beginners as well as help more experienced practitioners and students to refresh and enhance their practice. For hard-pressed teachers, it is a time-saving, game-changing approach which will engage students on a shared journey.”

Julie Ashurst – MA Shakespeare and Education, The Shakespeare Institute
Education Manager, Imaginarium Theatre
Associate Company of the Shakespeare North Playhouse, Prescot, UK

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